Oscar Relish Recipe- Suprising Condiment! (2024)

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ByBeth Neels

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I know, I say this for every new recipe I try, but this Oscar Relish is my new favorite food! What can I say, I like food! Don’t judge! 🙂 It is sweet, yet tangy. The perfect condiment to replace boring ketchup! It more resembles a chutney than a relish and is great with meat, fish, chicken, pork and eggs (The list that I have tried so far)!

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Oscar Relish

In September I had so many peaches and tomatoes to use up! I had to come up with some new, different recipes! I stumbled on this Oscar Relish and knew I had to make this! Mostly because it used both peaches and tomatoes!

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It more resembles a chutney to me, but it’s not spicy hot. It is such a great condiment! I’m crazy about it! I’ve tried to research the origins of it but have come up with nothing! If anyone knows, please leave me a comment below.

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I love different condiments! I get tired of boring ketchup, mayo and mustards. This condiment fits the bill for different! The flavor is hard to describe! It has a hint of sweetness from the peaches. A bit of heat from the ground hot pepper and a bit of tang from the vinegar!

How to Can Oscar Relish

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Like most relishes, this Oscar Relish could not be easier! Just peel the tomatoes and peaches, chop them up! Stem and seed peppers and chop then just grind the onion and peppers in the food processor.

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Then you just cook it down for a couple of hours.

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Pack into jars and process for 10 minutes! Done! Check out this Salsa and this Salsa Verde for other great condiments!

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I hope you enjoyed this recipe today for Oscar Relish! Please leave me a comment and hit those shares buttons! Enjoy! And have fun cooking!

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Oscar Relish

This Oscar Relish is a surprisingly delicious condiment for use on a variety of proteins!

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Course: Condiment

Cuisine: American

Prep Time: 20 minutes minutes

Cook Time: 2 hours hours 30 minutes minutes

Total Time: 2 hours hours 50 minutes minutes

Servings: 192 tablespoons

Calories: 23kcal

Author: Beth Neels

Cost: $8


  • 8 cups chopped fresh peaches ( about 12 large)
  • 8 cups chopped ripe tomatoes (about 12)
  • 2 cups diced green sweet peppers (2 large)
  • 1 tablespoon red hot pepper , ground (1 pepper)
  • 2 cups ground onions (about 6)
  • 4 cups brown sugar (firmly packed)
  • 2 cups cider vinegar (5%)
  • teaspoons canning or pickling salt
  • 4 tablespoons pickling spice , tied in cheesecloth bag


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Recipe from National Center for Home Preservation

Sweet and tangy substitute for ketchup on burgers and sandwiches! Also great with eggs, fish, beef and pork.

Makes 6 pints.

Be sure to check to see if lids have sealed, after sauce cools thoroughly. Test by pressing down in center of lid. If lid flexes up and down, lid is not properly sealed and should be stored in refrigerator.

This sauce has a shelf life of at least 1 year.

Store in cool place.


Calories: 23kcal | Carbohydrates: 5g | Sodium: 20mg | Potassium: 42mg | Sugar: 5g | Vitamin A: 125IU | Vitamin C: 3.5mg | Calcium: 6mg | Iron: 0.1mg

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Beth Neels

Beth Neels is an entrepreneur, blogger, photographer, author, and recipe developer. She founded Binky’s Culinary Carnival in 2014, focusing on “Crafting delicious recipes with sustainable ingredients.” She has been featured in multiple online publications, including MSN, Reader’s Digest, AP news, and Parade.

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    1. Thanks, Elaine! I think you would like it! It’s hard for me not to eat it by the spoonful!


  1. Oscar Relish Recipe- Suprising Condiment! (18)
    This looks so good and easy to make too! I have to try this. I love how versatile it is.


    1. Thanks, Luci! It is so good! Looking at it makes me want to make something so I can have it for lunch!


  2. Oscar Relish Recipe- Suprising Condiment! (19)
    This looks delicious. I have always wanted to make my own relish!


    1. It is really very easy! Give it a try! Thanks, Sandi!


  3. Oscar Relish Recipe- Suprising Condiment! (20)
    This looks and sounds delicious! I’d love to have a big jar in the fridge ready to dress up burgers and who knows what else? Sorry if this is a silly question – is pickling spice something you can usually find at the regular grocery store? I don’t do much pickling or canning, so just don’t know where to find it!


    1. You can find it in most larger grocery stores. I actually make my own. It’s just a bunch of spices you already have in your pantry! Great idea! I’ll do a post on that for you! Thanks Monica!


  4. oh yum! I’ve never heard of this kind of relish but it sounds like a flavor party.


    1. Yes, that’s pretty much sums it up! A flavor party! Thanks, Cheapskate!


  5. Oscar Relish Recipe- Suprising Condiment! (21)
    It sounds delicious and is definitely something I think my little boy would love as he goes crazy for any type of sauce or ketchup variation.


    1. It’s funny, some kids just gravitate towards ketchup! If he likes ketchup, he will like this! Thanks, Corina!


  6. Oscar Relish Recipe- Suprising Condiment! (22)
    What a great sauce. Forget about ketchup, just have this Oscar Relish. I never use ketchup anyway. The story of this recipe probably is: a farmer called Oscar had so many peaches and tomatoes to use up that he came up with this recipe. Have you checked if you have a neighbour called Oscar?


    1. Haha! You’re probably right Laura! Farmer Oscar! Thanks for checking it out!


  7. Oscar Relish Recipe- Suprising Condiment! (23)
    This sounds so good! I would have never thought of pairing tomatoes and peaches! I bet it tastes amazing.


    1. IT really is a surprisingly good combination! Thanks Nadja!


  8. Oscar Relish Recipe- Suprising Condiment! (24)
    Oh this looks good! And a replacement for ketchup? I must try.


    1. I think you will really enjoy it, Brandi! Thanks!


  9. Oscar Relish Recipe- Suprising Condiment! (25)
    Love that this has peaches and tomatoes!


    1. It’s a surprisingly good combination! Thanks, Amy!


  10. Oscar Relish Recipe- Suprising Condiment! (26)
    This looks delicious! It must have a tasty balance of sweet, spicy, and tangy. Can’t wait to try!


    1. Thanks, Denisse! It’s very tasty! I hope you enjoy!


  11. Oscar Relish Recipe- Suprising Condiment! (27)
    This relish looks so yummy. Definitely would love to try some. I also like the peaches in there, since peaches are my favorite fruit!


    1. I love peaches, as well and I’m looking for inventive ways of using them! Thanks, Geoffrey!


  12. This sounds Amazing! I bet it would be fantastic on so many things!


    1. It really is delicious! Thank you for your comment, Stephanie!


  13. This sounds yummy! I’d love to know where they name comes from- it reminds me of Oscar the Grouch, but I bet that’s not where it’s from. LOL


    1. I’ve searched high and low but can only find others who are interested in the origin! Thanks, Sarah!


  14. Oscar Relish Recipe- Suprising Condiment! (28)
    I’ve never made my own relish but this combo sounds so unique and delicious! I would never think to combine peach, tomato and pepper.


    1. I know, it’s such an odd combination but I’m simply in love with it! Two pints already gone!


  15. That would be so good on a burger! Oh my gosh! Saving for later!


    1. It’s amazing on burgers! I love it on scrambled eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches too! Thanks, Lauren!


  16. Oscar Relish Recipe- Suprising Condiment! (29)
    This is positively mouthwatering! I’d never think to combine tomatoes with peaches, but it makes so much sense. The color of the relish, along with the chunky texture is just to die for. Beautiful photos too, Beth!


    1. Thanks so much Lisa! That’s high praise coming from you Lisa! I’ve seen peach salsas that include tomatoes which I thought, no way! This get nice and caramelized so they end up being great together!


  17. Oscar Relish Recipe- Suprising Condiment! (30)
    This sounds like an amazing alternative to ketchup!


    1. Thanks so much Kate! It really is a delicious alternative for lots of boring condiments! 🙂


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Oscar Relish Recipe- Suprising Condiment! (2024)


What makes relish relish? ›

There are three key ingredients in relish: produce (fruits, vegetables or a mixture), vinegar, and sugar. Additional ingredients are often added, including spices like mustard seed to make old-fashioned mustard pickle relish or mayonnaise to make crisp onion relish.

What does sweet pepper relish taste like? ›

It has the perfect blend of sweetness and slightly sour notes from the vinegar. Try it scrambled into your eggs or atop a breakfast burrito, or serve it with cream cheese as a tasty dip for your next party!

Is there a difference between relish and pickle relish? ›

There is a discernible difference between a relish and a pickle. The important difference being the way in which they go about preserving, whether it is mostly with vinegar/salt (pickles), sugar (jams and jellies, relish) or a mixture of the two (relish).

What are the three types of relishes? ›

In North America, the word "relish" is frequently used to describe a single variety of finely chopped pickled cucumber relish, such as pickle, dill and sweet relishes.

What pepper relish does Jersey Mike's use? ›

Cherry Pepper Relish Jersey Mikes.

What is the difference between sweet relish and hot dog relish? ›

Trader Joe's Organic Sweet Pickle Relish

We included both "sweet relish" and "hot dog relish" in our lineup, the latter being distinguished by having the addition of extra mustard and other flavorings.

What is spicy relish called? ›

This hot giardiniera relish is wonderful on Chicago-style Italian beef sandwiches, hot dogs, pasta, or even as a pizza topping. You can even snack on it if you choose. Once you taste it, you will figure out what you prefer to use it on.

Is relish just cut up pickles? ›

Relish is a preserved, chunky, vinegary condiment made out of finely chopped fruits, and/or vegetables. That's right, it's not only made with pickles!

Is relish just ground up pickles? ›

Relishes are made from chopped fruits and/or vegetables cooked to a desired consistency in a spiced vinegar solution. The blending of these ingredients adds a slightly sweet and satisfyingly savory touch to special dishes or to simply top off a hotdog at a cookout!

What classifies as a relish? ›

relish, vegetable side dish that typically is eaten in small quantities with a blander main dish. Relishes are frequently finely cut vegetables or fruit in sour, sweet-sour, or spicy sauce. They often are used to enhance or to add flavour to dishes because of their contrasting texture and spicy or piquant taste.

Is relish just ground pickles? ›

Relish is a pickled or cooked product that is composed of chopped up fruits, vegetables, or herbs. Relishes are not a meal on their own, but typically a condiment used to enhance a stable food like turkey or hot dogs. It is believed that relish came from India originally.


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