My Top 7 Gardening Courses for Beginners - Family Garden Life (2024)

Embarking on a journey into the world of gardening can be both exciting and fulfilling, but for beginners, it can also feel like a daunting endeavor. The idea of transforming a patch of earth into a thriving garden bursting with vibrant colors and lush greenery might seem like an insurmountable task at first. However, the good news is that you don’t have to navigate this green terrain alone. Whether you have a tiny balcony, a small backyard, or just a windowsill, there are gardening courses designed specifically for beginners that can help you cultivate your green thumb, nurture your plants, and turn your gardening dreams into reality.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of gardening courses for beginners, uncovering the valuable knowledge and hands-on experience they offer. From understanding the basics of soil and plant care to discovering the joys of watching your garden thrive, these courses are your gateway to a greener, more vibrant world. So, grab your trowel, put on your gardening gloves, and let’s dig in to learn how to get started on your green journey!

Table of Contents

Build a PVC Drip Irrigation System for your Garden

2 Total hours – 29 Lectures – All Levels

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Unlock the secrets of efficient and precise watering with our comprehensive course on “PVC Drip Irrigation for Raised Beds.” In this course, you’ll delve into 29 lectures, totaling almost 2 hours of content, led by an experienced instructor who’s passionate about helping beginners master the art of PVC drip systems.

Learn how to distinguish between PVC, kit, and soaker hose systems, gaining a clear understanding of their differences and applications. We will demystify the overall concept of the PVC drip system, equipping you with the knowledge needed to set up a successful irrigation system in your raised beds.

Get hands-on experience in working with PVC pipes, as we explore the nuances of 1/2″ vs. 3/4″ pipes, cutting them to size, and using essential components like tees, elbows, and end caps. Discover the intricacies of drilling holes in the pipes, ensuring that your crops receive the perfect amount of water.

But that’s not all! You’ll also learn how to adapt your system to various water supply sources, from a simple garden hose to a sophisticated sprinkler system, and even rain barrels. Understand the flexibility of the system, allowing you to customize your watering schedule and fine-tune the direction of water flow, ensuring your plants thrive.

Additionally, our course delves into the specifics of using PVC drip systems in raised beds, explaining how to glue PVC pipes and get water to your beds with risers. We’ll wrap up with a practical demonstration of how to set up the PVC drip system in your raised beds, giving you the confidence to embark on your gardening journey with newfound expertise.

Join this educational adventure, and by the end of the course, you’ll be empowered to create a perfectly tailored watering system for your raised beds, fostering healthier and more vibrant plants. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to level up your gardening skills and watch your garden flourish!

The Beginner’s Guide to Vegetable Gardening

2 Total hours – 24 Lectures – Beginner

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“Are you ready to take your first steps into the world of gardening? Look no further than ‘Gardening 101: Getting Started with Planting.’ This comprehensive course offers 24 engaging lectures spread across 5 informative sections, with a total runtime of 1 hour and 46 minutes. Led by a knowledgeable instructor, this course serves as the perfect introduction for gardening enthusiasts, whether you’re starting from scratch or simply looking to refine your skills.

Begin your journey by understanding the basics. Discover the significance of starting small and uncover the secrets of choosing the ideal garden location, be it raised beds, flat gardens, or container gardening. You’ll receive expert guidance on essential elements like sunlight, soil, and water, ensuring you set your garden up for success.

Learn where to plant your garden for maximum yield and then delve into the fascinating world of plant selection. Understand the distinctions between cool-weather and warm-weather crops, and gain insights into when to plant, whether from seedlings or seeds. Explore the hybrid versus open-pollinated/heirloom plant debate, and emerge with a profound understanding of what to grow and when.

Concluding with a valuable bonus lecture, this course is the ultimate resource to kickstart your gardening journey. You’ll be ready to cultivate seven easy cool-weather crops and five simple warm-weather crops, enriching your garden with a diverse array of bountiful produce.

Elevate your gardening game and make your green dreams come to life with ‘Gardening 101: Getting Started with Planting.’ Enroll now and witness the transformation of your gardening skills!

Vegetable Gardening: How to Grow Healthy, Fresh Food at Home

3 Total hours – 37 Lectures – All Levels

My Top 7 Gardening Courses for Beginners - Family Garden Life (3)

Embark on a rewarding journey of cultivating your own edible garden with our comprehensive course, “Edible Gardening: Grow Your Own Bounty.” This extensive offering consists of 37 lectures spread across 8 knowledge-packed sections, totaling an impressive 2 hours and 58 minutes of content. It’s the ultimate guide for anyone with a passion for gardening and a love for fresh, homegrown produce.

The course begins with an exploration of the very essence of edible gardening – “Why Have an Edible Garden?” Here, you’ll understand the countless benefits and joys of nurturing your own bounty. Then, delve into “Site Selection and Planning,” where you’ll learn how to select the perfect location for your garden, taking into account site considerations, container gardens, raised bed gardens, in-ground gardens, and even specialty gardens or structures. Gain expertise in designing your garden layout for maximum productivity.

Next, discover the key to success – “Soil Preparation.” This section unravels the mysteries of soil types, amendments, fertilizers, and the critical steps involved in preparing your soil for planting.

“Choosing Plants” is a pivotal part of your edible garden journey. Learn about your garden zone, the seasons, herbs, vegetables, and fruit to make informed decisions when selecting plants for your garden.

Master the art of “Planting” with guidance on sowing seeds in containers, directly in the ground, or nurturing seedlings, shrubs, and trees.

As your garden flourishes, it’s essential to grasp “Maintenance” techniques, including irrigation, mulching, weeding, pest control, and disease prevention. Keep your garden thriving with these invaluable tips and tricks.

And when the time comes to reap the rewards, the “Harvesting and Storage” section offers insights on the best practices for harvesting, storing, and making the most of your homegrown produce.

This course is your one-stop resource for all things edible gardening. By the end, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to transform your outdoor space into a flourishing oasis of fresh, delicious produce. Join us on this journey of self-sufficiency and embrace the joys of cultivating your own bounty. Enroll today and watch your edible garden come to life!

Growing Fruit Trees with Ease

37 Total mins – 7 Lectures – Beginner

My Top 7 Gardening Courses for Beginners - Family Garden Life (4)

Delve into the art of fruit tree care with our succinct yet informative course, “Mastering Fruit Tree Care.” This compact, 7-lecture series, spanning three sections and a total runtime of 36 minutes, is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to ensure your fruit trees thrive.

The course begins with an introduction that sets the stage for your journey into fruit tree care. You’ll learn the fundamental principles of maintaining a healthy tree, instilling good habits to ensure the best possible fruit production.

Section two delves into the pivotal aspects of pest prevention with Orchard Sox and the art of improving tree health through pruning. Discover how to protect your precious fruit-bearing friends from pests while enhancing their overall well-being, ensuring a bountiful harvest.

The course’s final section, “Scouting and Inspecting Your Tree,” provides you with invaluable insights into the process of thoroughly examining your trees. Learn how to identify and address issues promptly, securing the long-term health and vitality of your fruit trees.

As a bonus, the course offers a supplementary lecture, enhancing your understanding of fruit tree care. By the end of “Mastering Fruit Tree Care,” you’ll be well-prepared to nurture your fruit trees, ensuring their health and productivity for years to come. Enroll now to begin your journey to becoming a master of fruit tree care!

Growing Tomato Heaven: Garden grown tomatoes made easy!

1.5 Total hours – 20 Lectures – Beginner

My Top 7 Gardening Courses for Beginners - Family Garden Life (5)

Unlock the secrets to cultivating perfect tomatoes with our engaging course, “The Art of Growing Perfect Tomatoes.” Comprising 20 lectures spread across 2 comprehensive sections, this course provides a total runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just beginning, you’ll discover invaluable insights to help you master the art of tomato cultivation.

In the initial section, delve into the world of tomatoes. Understand the distinctions between hybrid and heirloom varieties and discover the importance of timing in your tomato-growing journey. Learn how to choose the perfect starts for your tomato plants, ensuring a strong foundation for a bountiful harvest.

Section two takes you on a practical journey through the stages of growing tomatoes. From planting and utilizing “Walls O Water” to staking, caging, and pruning, you’ll gain essential hands-on experience to ensure your tomato plants flourish. Understand the nuances of watering, fertilizing, plant spacing, and even growing tomatoes in containers.

The course delves into caring for your growing tomato plants, providing you with expert guidance on nurturing your crop to perfection. Learn the art of harvesting, as well as various uses and preservation methods for your tomato bounty. As a bonus, you’ll receive insights on late-season tomato care, ensuring your plants remain healthy and productive.

By the end of “The Art of Growing Perfect Tomatoes,” you’ll be well-equipped to cultivate tomatoes that are the envy of your fellow gardeners. Enroll now and watch your garden flourish with these juicy, homegrown treasures!

Pruning Trees and Shrubs – Everything you need to know

1.5 Total hours – 18 Lectures – All Levels

My Top 7 Gardening Courses for Beginners - Family Garden Life (6)

Unlock the transformative art of pruning with our course, “The Art of Pruning: Transforming Trees and Shrubs.” In this extensive course, encompassing 18 informative lectures organized into 5 sections, you’ll explore the fascinating world of pruning, accumulating a wealth of knowledge and practical skills to enhance your garden.

Start with a captivating introduction to the course and the concepts of pruning. Delve into understanding the fundamental differences between trees and shrubs, and grasp the essence of timing with the “Best Time to Prune.” Discover the right way to prune, ensuring that your plants flourish with the guidance on selecting the appropriate tools, including pruners, loppers, saws, and hedge trimmers.

Unearth the secrets of bud growth and explore “The 3 Step Plan” to transform your plants. Step 1 focuses on problem-solving, providing you with a comprehensive approach to address issues in your garden. Step 2 unveils the magic of rejuvenating overgrown shrubs, revitalizing their beauty and vitality. Step 3, “Prune for Show,” offers insights on enhancing the visual appeal of your plants.

Dive deeper into specialized pruning techniques, from pruning for more flowers to the art of pruning clematis, spirea, and butterfly bushes or half-hardy shrubs. These lectures equip you with the expertise to tailor your pruning strategies to different plant varieties.

As a bonus, the course offers an additional resources lecture, expanding your knowledge and providing you with valuable tools to become a pruning expert.

By the end of “The Art of Pruning,” you’ll have the skills to transform your garden into a work of art, with beautifully pruned trees and shrubs that enhance the aesthetics and health of your outdoor space. Enroll today and watch your garden flourish with the magic of expert pruning!

Gardening Know How: Attracting Birds and Butterflies

1 Total hour – 18 Lectures – Beginner

My Top 7 Gardening Courses for Beginners - Family Garden Life (7)

Are you ready to transform your outdoor space into a haven for wildlife? Dive into the fascinating world of “Creating a Wildlife-Friendly Garden.” With 18 engaging lectures thoughtfully organized into 4 comprehensive sections, this course offers a total runtime of 1 hour and 11 minutes. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting out, you’ll find the knowledge and inspiration needed to create a vibrant and ecologically-friendly garden.

Section one provides a dynamic introduction to the course, followed by a deeper understanding of the critters that will call your garden home. Discover “What Kind of Critters Are We Talking About?” and prepare to welcome an array of fascinating wildlife.

Section two delves into the heart of your garden’s transformation. Explore the importance of native plants, flowers, food sources, water features, and shelter for the critters that will become your garden’s guests. Understand the impact of pesticides and herbicides and learn how to cultivate a thriving ecosystem within your garden.

For those facing constraints or challenges, section three provides solutions. Learn how to overcome issues related to budget, time, and seasonal considerations. Explore options for gardeners without backyards or those with busy schedules. You’ll also discover how to create a wildlife-friendly garden without breaking the bank.

As a bonus, the course offers a free e-book, providing you with valuable additional resources to further enhance your journey to creating a wildlife-friendly garden.

By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to create a garden that not only flourishes with vibrant flora but also invites and supports a diverse range of critters. Enroll today to embark on a journey that connects you with the natural world and transforms your garden into a thriving habitat for wildlife.

My Top 7 Gardening Courses for Beginners - Family Garden Life (2024)


How do I start a family garden? ›

Steps to Creating Your First Garden
  1. Choose Your Garden Type. Before you so much as break the soil, you should decide what kind of garden you want to grow. ...
  2. Pick Your Garden Spot. ...
  3. Test Your Soil. ...
  4. Amend Your Soil. ...
  5. Determine a Weed Strategy. ...
  6. Consider Your Sunlight. ...
  7. Plant Your Plot. ...
  8. Buy Your Plants.
Apr 25, 2023

What does gardening consist of? ›

The gardener attends to a number of basic processes: combating weeds and pests; using space to allay the competition between plants; attending to feeding, watering, and pruning; and conditioning the soil.

How to start a garden for dummies? ›

Gardening for Beginners: How to Start a Garden in 8 Simple Steps
  1. Step 1: Choose the best location to start your garden. ...
  2. Step 3: Set up a watering system. ...
  3. Step 5: Find a planting guide written for your area and follow it. ...
  4. Step 7: Spend time in your garden each day. ...
  5. Step 8: Harvest and eat what you grow.

What is the easiest vegetable to grow? ›

  • Easiest vegetables to grow. ...
  • Leafy greens. ...
  • Root vegetables: Radishes, turnips and carrots. ...
  • Did you know? ...
  • Cucumbers. ...
  • Broccoli. ...
  • Peas/Snow Peas. ...
  • Strawberries. Everyone wants to grow their own strawberries, and nothing is more deliscious than one straight from your patio or backyard.

What is the easiest gardening method? ›

In-ground gardening can be a great option for beginner gardeners because it doesn't require any special containers or construction to get started. Simply choose an area of your yard that gets good sunlight and get digging!

How difficult is gardening? ›

Gardening requires a lot of physical labor. The activity can extend from light exercise to heavy labor. All that bending, lifting, digging, carrying and moving burns calories and builds muscle. But it can also injure the body.

How big of a garden do you need to sustain a family? ›

Generally speaking, 200 square feet of garden space per person will allow for a harvest that feeds everyone year-round. For an average family of four, plan for an 800 square-foot garden—a plot that's 20 feet by 40 feet in size should do the trick.

What is the best layout for a vegetable garden? ›

As a general rule, put tall veggies toward the back of the bed, mid-sized ones in the middle, and smaller plants in the front or as a border. Consider adding pollinator plants to attract beneficial insects that can not only help you get a better harvest, but will also prey on garden pests.

How much does it cost to start a small garden? ›

You can, of course, start simply for a couple hundred dollars, or you can invest more significantly with a few thousand. If you're DIY'ing your garden installation, expect to spend anywhere from $25 to $50 per square foot of garden space for wood raised beds. Stone, brick, and steel will be more expensive.


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