Getting Started with Ars Nouveau - Modded Minecraft with Jangro (2024)

Ars Nouveau is a magic-themed mod for Minecraft that allows players to create custom spells, automate tasks using magical constructs, and progress through a robust spellcasting system. This guide will help you get started with Ars Nouveau, providing you with the essential information you need to become a powerful mage in your Minecraft world.

Ars Nouveau stands out for its custom spell creation, allowing players to craft unique spells using a modular system. The mod also features magical automation, where constructs can be used to automate tasks and processes. The progression system in Ars Nouveau is robust, enabling players to advance through spell tiers, unlock new abilities, and enhance their magical prowess. Additionally, the mod integrates well with other mods, offering compatibility and expansion possibilities.

First Things to Craft

The initial items you need to craft in Ars Nouveau are crucial for starting your magical journey:

  1. Worn Notebook: This will serve as your guide and spellbook. To craft it, you need a book and a source gem. The Worn Notebook contains all the information and recipes you need to progress in Ars Nouveau.
  2. Dominion Wand: This essential tool allows you to manipulate constructs and magical devices, making it a vital part of your magical toolkit.
  3. Novice Spell Book: Your basic spellbook to start casting spells. The recipe requires a book, iron shovel, iron pickaxe, iron axe, and iron sword.
  4. Enchanting Apparatus: This is your primary crafting station for spells and magical items. It uses pedestals and Source for crafting and requires an Arcane Core beneath it to function. You place items on Arcane Pedestals and use the central Enchanting Apparatus block to craft items.
  5. Scribe’s Table: Used for creating spell glyphs, which are essential components in your spellcasting.

Special Trees in Ars Nouveau

Ars Nouveau introduces special magical trees that are essential for your progress:

  • Archwood Trees: These trees are found in magical biomes and are a key resource in Ars Nouveau. Archwood logs and saplings are used in various crafting recipes and provide a source of magical energy. There are different types of Archwood Trees, each with unique properties and colors, making them a valuable resource for both aesthetics and functionality.

Locating Friendly Mobs

To help you locate friendly mobs like Drygmies, Starbuncles, Whirlisprigs, and Bookwyrms, Ars Nouveau provides a special item called the Dowsing Rod. The Dowsing Rod provides a short duration of Scrying and Magic Find, causing magical creatures to glow within 75 blocks of you. This makes it easier to locate and manage these helpful creatures, enhancing your magical setup and automation capabilities.

Mobs in Ars Nouveau

Ars Nouveau adds several unique mobs that enrich the gameplay experience:


Drygmies are small, friendly creatures that assist players by gathering mob drops from nearby mobs. These mobs can either roam freely nearby or be placed in containment jars with a ritual. This makes Drygmies particularly useful for automating the collection of drops, which can significantly streamline your resource gathering efforts.


Wixies are magical entities that can automate crafting and potion brewing tasks. They will automatically craft items and potions at the expense of Source, which they draw from nearby Source Jars. Wixies can also apply harmful potions to enemies during combat. To obtain a Wixie, you must perform the Ritual of Binding near a Witch. Wixies can be customized and directed to specific tasks using various configurations and setups.


Starbuncles are small, friendly creatures that help with harvesting Source Berries. They can be directed to gather these berries from Source Berry bushes, making them valuable companions for automating the collection of this important resource. Starbuncles can also move items between inventories, such as chests, enhancing your storage and automation capabilities.


Whirlisprigs are magical beings that aid in plant growth. They can be used to accelerate the growth of crops and other plants within a certain radius, providing a significant boost to your agricultural efforts. Whirlisprigs are particularly useful for maintaining a steady supply of magical plants needed for various crafting recipes.


Bookwyrms are mystical creatures that serve as helpful familiars. When bound to a Storage Lectern, Bookwyrms can increase the number of accessible inventories, making them invaluable for managing large collections of magical items and books. They can be dyed in various colors, adding a touch of personalization to your magical setup. Bookwyrms also provide buffs to the player, such as reducing the amount of Source required to cast spells and increasing spell damage.

Capturing and Taming Friendly Mobs in Ars Nouveau

In Ars Nouveau, capturing and taming friendly mobs such as Drygmies, Starbuncles, and Wixies is a crucial step for utilizing their unique abilities and automating various tasks in your magical world. Here’s how you can capture these mobs, obtain their respective shards, and craft charms to summon tamed versions of them.


Drygmies are small, helpful creatures that can gather mob drops from nearby mobs without harming them. To capture a Drygmy, you need to befriend it by throwing a Wilden Horn near it. Once befriended, you will receive a Drygmy Token.

Crafting a Drygmy Charm:

  1. Place the following items on Arcane Pedestals around the Enchanting Apparatus:
    • Any fish
    • Wheat
    • Apple
    • Carrot
    • Wheat Seeds
  2. Use the Drygmy Token in the Enchanting Apparatus to craft the Drygmy Charm.

Summoning a Drygmy: To summon a Drygmy, use the Drygmy Charm on a block of Mossy Cobblestone. The cobblestone will transform into a Drygmy Henge and summon your Drygmy. Additional Drygmies can be summoned using more charms on the Henge. Drygmies will collect mob drops and produce items based on the entities in their vicinity, enhancing your resource-gathering efficiency​ (Ars Nouveau Wiki)​​ (FTBWiki)​.


Starbuncles are friendly mobs that help with harvesting Source Berries and transporting items between inventories.

Capturing a Starbuncle: Starbuncles are attracted to gold nuggets. When a Starbuncle picks up a golden nugget, it will drop a Starbuncle Token.

Crafting a Starbuncle Charm:

  1. Place the following items on Arcane Pedestals around the Enchanting Apparatus:
    • Four Gold Ingots
  2. Use the Starbuncle Token in the Enchanting Apparatus to craft the Starbuncle Charm.

Summoning a Starbuncle: To summon a Starbuncle, use the Starbuncle Charm on the ground. Summoned Starbuncles will automatically harvest fully grown Source Berry bushes and can move items between inventories such as chests. They can be directed to specific tasks using the Dominion Wand and can be dyed any color​ (Ars Nouveau Wiki)​.


Wixies are magical entities capable of automating crafting and potion brewing tasks.

Capturing a Wixie: To capture a Wixie, you need to cast the Dispel spell on a Witch when it is at half health or less. This will give you a Wixie Token.

Crafting a Wixie Charm:

  1. Place the following items on Arcane Pedestals around the Enchanting Apparatus:
    • Any sapling
    • Emerald
    • Crafting Table
    • Brewing Stand
  2. Use the Wixie Token in the Enchanting Apparatus to craft the Wixie Charm.

Summoning a Wixie: To summon a Wixie, use the Wixie Charm on a Cauldron. Wixies will automatically craft items and potions, drawing Source from nearby Source Jars. They can also be directed to specific inventories using the Dominion Wand​ (Ars Nouveau Wiki)​.

Source and Source Jars

What is Source?

Source is the magical energy that powers all spellcasting and magical devices in Ars Nouveau. It is a fundamental resource that you need to gather and manage to progress through the mod.

Source Jars

Source Jars are containers used to store Source. They are essential for holding the magical energy you collect and for powering various devices and spells. You can place Source Jars around your base to keep a steady supply of Source available for your magical needs.

Generating Source

There are several ways to generate Source in Ars Nouveau:

  1. Agronomic Sourcelink: This device generates Source from the growth of crops and trees within its range. It is particularly effective when placed near farms or groves of Archwood Trees.
  2. Volcanic Sourcelink: This generates Source from lava. Placing it near a pool of lava can provide a steady flow of Source.
  3. Mycelial Sourcelink: This device generates Source from mushrooms and other fungal growths.
  4. Vitalic Sourcelink: This generates Source from the life essence of nearby entities. It can be placed near areas with high mob activity to harness their energy.
  5. Alchemical Sourcelink: This device generates Source from alchemical reactions, using various items as fuel to produce magical energy.

Early Spells to Craft

Once you have your Novice Spell Book, you can start crafting some basic spells to help you on your journey:

  1. Break Block: A starter spell that allows you to break blocks. Combine it with Projectile or Touch to harvest materials like iron and below.
  2. Light: Creates a light source where cast, useful for exploring dark areas.
  3. Self Heal: Heals the player.
  4. Harm: Deals damage to entities, useful for combat.
  5. Mage Light: Places a floating light source, illuminating dark spaces.

Imbuement Chamber and Crafting Essences

The Imbuement Chamber is a crucial device in Ars Nouveau for creating Source Gems from Lapis Lazuli or Amethyst Shards. These Source Gems are then used to craft various items and essences, which are integral to the mod’s progression. To create different types of essences, you will need to use Source Gems in the Imbuement Chamber along with specific additional items placed on pedestals around it.

Here are some of the essences you can craft and their uses:

  • Fire Essence: Created using Source Gems, Flint and Steel, Torch, and Gunpowder. Used for fire-related spells and items.
  • Earth Essence: Created using Source Gems, Iron Ingot, Wheat Seeds, and Dirt. Used for earth-related spells and items.
  • Water Essence: Created using Source Gems, Water Bucket, Snow Block, and Kelp. Used for water-related spells and items.
  • Air Essence: Created using Source Gems, Feather, and Wilden Wing. Used for air-related spells and items.

These essences are fundamental for crafting advanced spells and magical items, enhancing your capabilities as a mage.

Progressing Through Ars Nouveau

As you progress through Ars Nouveau, your ultimate goal is to become a powerful mage capable of casting intricate spells and harnessing magical energy. The end-game features of Ars Nouveau are particularly enticing. Advanced Constructs allow for the automation of complex tasks, while high-tier spells offer potent abilities that can significantly enhance your gameplay. Additionally, magical artifacts discovered and crafted throughout your journey provide powerful tools and items that are invaluable in your adventures.

Upgrading Your Spellbooks

In Ars Nouveau, upgrading your spellbooks is crucial for accessing higher-tier spells and enhancing your magical capabilities. The spellbooks come in different tiers: Novice, Apprentice, and Archmage. Each tier unlocks new, more powerful spells, increases mana capacity, and provides faster mana regeneration. The Novice Spellbook grants access to basic spells and limited mana, while the Apprentice and Archmage Spellbooks unlock access to Tier 2 and Tier 3 spells, respectively, allowing for more complex and powerful spell combinations. Upgrading your spellbook ensures you can tackle more challenging tasks and utilize advanced magic to its fullest potential​

Ars Nouveau offers a rich and immersive magical experience in Minecraft, from custom spell creation to advanced magical constructs and helpful mobs. By following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the mod and utilizing its many features to enhance your gameplay. Capturing and taming friendly mobs like Drygmies, Starbuncles, and Wixies will significantly boost your automation and resource management capabilities, making your magical journey more efficient and enjoyable. Continue exploring and experimenting with the various spells, items, and constructs Ars Nouveau has to offer, and you’ll soon become a powerful mage in your Minecraft world.

Integrating Ars Nouveau with Other Mods

Ars Nouveau can be integrated with several other popular mods to enhance your Minecraft gameplay. Here are some notable integrations:

  1. Ars Creo: This addon integrates Ars Nouveau with the Create mod. It adds several functionalities, such as the Starbuncle Wheel, which generates SU (kinetic energy) from Starbuncle energy, and various spell turrets that can be used on Create contraptions. This allows you to combine magical automation with the mechanical capabilities of the Create mod​ (CurseForge)​​ (Jangro)​.
  2. Ars Scalaes: This mod acts as a bridge between Ars Nouveau and several other mods, including Hexerei, Hexcasting, and Malum. It introduces features like scaling spell damage with player stats, magic resistance, and compatibility with Hexcasting’s Amethyst Golems and Malum’s magic damage modifiers​ (CurseForge)​.
  3. ArsEnergistique: This addon integrates Ars Nouveau with Applied Energistics 2, allowing for advanced automation and storage solutions. It enables the use of Source for powering Applied Energistics systems, making it easier to manage your magical and technical resources seamlessly​ (GitHub)​.

For more information and downloading the mod, check out these resources

  1. CurseForge: Ars Nouveau on CurseForge
  2. Modrinth: Ars Nouveau on Modrinth
  3. Official Wiki: Ars Nouveau Wiki

These links provide comprehensive information and resources about the Ars Nouveau mod, including detailed guides, crafting recipes, and updates.

Finally check out the videos I’ve done on Ars Nouveau in this Ars Nouveau Video Series.

Getting Started with Ars Nouveau - Modded Minecraft with Jangro (2024)


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