FINAL: Indiana Fever fall to Las Vegas Aces on the road. Caitlin Clark scores 8 points. (2024)

TheIndiana Feverimproved to 1-5 after a 78-73 win on the road against the Los Angeles Sparks are coming off their first victory of the season as they take on the defending WNBA champions.

Caitlin Clarkmade a late 3-pointer in LA to help the Fever earn their first victory of the season. Tonight, Indiana is on the road against the defending WNBA champions Las Vegas Aces.

Chloe Petersonwill have analysis throughout, and we will have scoring updates, highlights and more.Please remember to refresh.

'I’m excited to go home.'Fever finish gauntlet of opening road schedule.

FINAL:Fever start fast, run out of gas in loss to defending champs Las Vegas

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Final: Las Vegas Aces too much for Indiana Fever

Indiana looked solid early on but the reigning WNBA champs were too much in the end.

The Fever were led by Kelsey Mitchell's 16 points. Indiana shot 43% from the floor. Las Vegas was at 48%.

Aces 99, Fever 80

3:33 left 4Q: Fever trail Aces by 20

Indiana's momentum slowed after the first. Caitlin Clark has eight points, seven assists and five rebounds.

Aces 88, Fever 68

6:06 left 4Q: Aces lead Fever by more than 20

Las Vegas has outscored Indiana in the fourth, 13-8. Kelsey Mitchell leads the Fever with 16 points while Aliyah Boston has 12 points.

Aces 85, Fever 64

7:43 left 4Q: Las Vegas extends lead against Indiana

The Aces have outscored the Fever to start the final period, 8-6. Lexie Hull and Erica Wheeler hit a 3s for Indiana.

Aces 80, Fever 62

End of 3Q: Aces start to pull away in the third

A'Ja Wilson is really hurting the Fever in the third quarter. Wilson has 16 points in just the third and 27 in the game.

Kelsey Mitchell hit a 3-pointer to cut Las Vegas' lead to 10 points. Alysha Clark extended the lead to 12 with a layup at 2:17. Clark made a 3 at 1:34 for the Aces. Las Vegas is up 71-56, which is Las Vegas' largest lead of the game.

Las Vegas outscored Indiana in the third quarter, 26-18.

Aces 72, Fever 56

7:02 left 3Q: Aces extend lead over Fever

Kelsey Mitchell opened the second half with a jumper. Caitlin Clark followed that with a 3-pointer at 9:13 to pull Indiana within three. A'Ja Wilson scored five straight after that. Mitchell hit a 3 at 8:04. Wilson scored five more points for Las Vegas. Katie Lou Samuelson made a 3 as well.

Aces 58, Fever 49

Halftime: Aces go on run to end first half against Fever

Aces went on a 10-0 run. Aliyah Boston scored with 41 seconds left to slow Las Vegas a tad. Boston leads Indiana with 10 points and five rebounds.

Aces 46, Fever 38

2:32 left 2Q: Aces retake lead against Fever

Jackie Young hit a 3-pointer for Las Vegas coming out of the timeout. Aliyah Boston answered with a 14-foot jumper. The Aces went on a 7-0 run from there to take a 36-34 lead. Boston made a layup at 4:16 to tie things up. She has eight points.

Alysha Clark hit a 3-pointer for the Aces at 3:43 to take a 39-36 lead. A'Ja Wilson added to the lead at 2:56 with a layup.

Aces 41, Fever 36

7:21 left 2Q: Fever continue to hold a lead over Aces

Kelsey Plum opened the quarter with a four-foot shot at the 9:30 mark. Indiana went on a 4-0 run with back-to-back free throws from Caitlin Clark and a basket from NaLyssa Smith.

Fever 32, Aces 26

End of 1Q: Indiana Fever lead reigning champs after one

The Fever and Aces traded baskets. Aliyah Boston made a hook shot at 2:52. A little earlier, NaLyssa Smith made a jumper. Lexie Hull nailed a 3-pointer to give the Fever a 22-20 lead at 2:14. Kelsey Plum tied it up with a layup at 1:30.

Smith and Temi fa*gbenle scored back-to-back baskets for Indiana.

Fever 28, Aces 24

4:40 left 1Q: Fever hang with Aces early on

A'Ja Wilson, the 2023 WNBA Finals MVP, scored the game's first points with a jumper. Aliyah Boston answered for Indiana with a jumper of her own. Las Vegas started the game on a 7-6 run. Temi fa*gbenle scored four points during that span for the Fever.

From there, Jackie Young scored four straight points (all of which came off free throws from Jackie Young). Kelsey Mitchell stopped the run with a layup at 6:30. Wilson responded with a 15-foot jumper.

At the 5:57 mark, Mitchell drilled a 3-pointer. Less than 30 seconds later, Caitlin Clark hit a 3 of her own to give the Fever a 14-13 lead. Kelsey Plum answered with a 3-pointer for the Aces.

Aces 16, Fever 14

Indiana Fever vs Aces start time, date

9 p.m. ET Saturday, May 25, 2024, at Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas.

How to watch Caitlin Clark, Indiana Fever vs Las Vegas Aces


Streaming:Fubo (FREE)

2024 Fever schedule

This is the Indiana Fever 2024 schedule, with TV info; all times are ET; ^-preseason.

Date, dayplace, opponentTime, TV/results
May 3, Dallas^L, 79-76
May 9, Thurs.vs. Atlanta^W, 83-80
May 14, ConnecticutL, 92-71
May 16, Thurs.vs. New YorkL, 102-66
May 18, New YorkL, 91-80
May 20, Mon.vs. ConnecticutL, 88-84
May 22, SeattleL, 85-83
May 24, Los AngelesW, 78-73
May 25, Las Vegas9 p.m., NBA TV, WTHR
May 28, Tues.vs. Los Angeles7 p.m., NBA TV
May 30, Thurs.vs. Seattle7 p.m., Prime, WTHR
June 1, Sat.vs. Chicago*1 p.m., NBA TV, WALV
June 2, New York*7 p.m., NBA TV, WALV
June 7, Washington*7:30 p.m., Ion, WTHR
June 10, Connecticut*7 p.m., NBA TV, WTHR
June 13, Thurs.vs. Atlanta*7 p.m., WTHR
June 16, Sun.vs. ChicagoNoon, CBS
June 19, Wed.vs. Washington7 p.m., NBA TV
June 21, Atlanta7:30 p.m., Ion
June 23, Chicago6 p.m., NBA TV, WALV
June 27, Seattle10 p.m., Prime, WALV
June 30, Phoenix3 p.m., ESPN
July 2, Las Vegas10 p.m., ESPN
July 6, Sat.vs. New York1 p.m., CBS
July 10, Wed.vs. WashingtonNoon, NBA TV, WTHR
July 12, Fri.vs. Phoenix7:30 p.m., Ion
July 14, Minnesota7 p.m., ESPN
July 17, Dallas8 p.m., ESPN
Aug. 16, Fri.vs. Phoenix7:30 p.m., Ion
Aug. 18, Sun.vs. Seattle4 p.m., ABC
Aug. 24, Minnesota8 p.m., NBA TV
Aug. 26, Atlanta7:30 p.m., NBA TV, WTHR
Aug. 28, Wed.vs. Connecticut7 p.m., NBA TV
Aug. 30, Chicago7:30 p.m., Ion
Sept. 1, Dallas4 p.m., NBA TV
Sept. 4, Wed.vs. Los Angeles7 p.m., CBS SN, WALV
Sept. 6, Fri.vs. Minnesota7:30 p.m., Ion
Sept. 8, Sun.vs. Atlanta4 p.m., WTHR
Sept. 11, Wed.vs. Las Vegas7 p.m., NBA TV
Sept. 13, Fri.vs. Las Vegas7:30 p.m., Ion
Sept. 15, Sun.vs. Dallas3 p.m., WALV
Sept. 19, Washington7 p.m., Prime, WTHR

*-Commissioner's Cup games

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FINAL: Indiana Fever fall to Las Vegas Aces on the road. Caitlin Clark scores 8 points. (2024)


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