22 Easy (but Fancy) Bruschetta Recipe Ideas to Try at Home (2024)


22 Easy (but Fancy) Bruschetta Recipe Ideas to Try at Home (1)

By Taryn Pire

Published Apr 29, 2021

Besides its oft-butchered name (it’s brew-sket-ta, by the way), there’s little to get people riled up over this beloved Italian antipasto. For one, it involves a generous hunk of bread. Second, it can be topped with much more than just seasoned tomatoes—in fact, you can use virtually anything your heart desires. Here, 22 bruschetta recipe ideas to try at home this summer and beyond.


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1. Rainbow Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta

Can you believe these summer stunners will only take you 15 minutes from start to finish? All it takes is layering seasoned ricotta cheese and pesto-coated tomatoes on thin slices of baguette.

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2. Italian Bruschetta Bar

The word "bruschetta" often refers to tomato-topped bread when used stateside, but it actually has way less to do with produce than you may think. Technically, the only must is grilled bread that's been rubbed with garlic and topped with salt and olive oil—you can supplement with cheese, cured meats, veggies and beyond, hence this snack-filled masterpiece.

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3. Garden Fresh Bruschetta

You can't go wrong with the classic combo of tomatoes, garlic, fresh dill and EVOO. Pro tip: Drain the tomatoes a bit after dicing them to avoid soggy crostini down the road.

4. Pesto And Garlic Shrimp Bruschetta

Mediterranean meets Italian (meets our mouths). Think garlicky poached shrimp, sun-dried tomatoes, capers and tangy feta atop a layer of herbaceous pesto.

5. Mushroom Bruschetta With Balsamic And Thyme

Light on calories but still surprisingly filling, thanks to the mushrooms. (They have 3 grams of protein in every half-cup serving.)

6. Beet And Blueberry Bruschetta

Sure beets your usual lunch salad. (Sorry.) The key here is roasting the beets until they're tender, sweet and earthy.

7. Smashed Green Olive And Pistachio Burrata Bruschetta

Briny, creamy, crunchy—this creative take truly has it all. We especially love the addition of uber-sweet cara cara orange juice in the olive relish.

8. Easy Strawberry Bruschetta

Tangy balsamic glaze cuts right through the sweetness of summer strawberries and creamy goat cheese. Pair it with your favorite Pinot Grigio and lazy dinner is served.

9. Nectarine Fig Burrata Bruschetta

Using fresh figs and nectarines keeps the cook time to a minimum, but we're betting a few minutes on the grill would bring out all the fruits' sweetness.

10. Tomato, Salami And Chunky Arugula-basil Pesto Bruschetta

The homemade pesto spread is super rustic, since the ingredients are mashed together in a bowl instead of puréed in a blender or food processor. It's just the starter for an old-school Italian main, like pasta alla Norma.

11. Greek Bruschetta

Come for the refreshing combination of cucumber, cherry tomatoes and herbs. Stay for the creamy hummus and feta crumbles. Dare we suggest using toasted pita points instead of baguette?

12. Roasted Cherry Tomato And Whipped Feta Toast Points

So gorgeous, and yet a total cinch to put together. Seriously—the hardest part is waiting 20 minutes for the tomatoes to roast in the oven.

13. Tropical Breakfast Bruschetta

Y'all, it tastes like the beach. Think baked, sugared pieces of baguette topped with vanilla Greek yogurt, fresh fruit and toasted macadamia nuts. Feel free to use whatever tropical fruit you have, like kiwi, coconut flakes or papaya.

14. Classic Bruschetta With Cheese

There's only one way the O.G. mix of Roma tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette, garlic and fresh basil could get any better—with a handful of shredded mozzarella.

15. Avocado Bruschetta

Yup, your favorite breakfast fruit can do more than just avo toast and guacamole. Its buttery flavor and creamy texture are just what this mélange of zippy balsamic and juicy tomatoes calls for.

16. Smashed Pea Bruschetta

Spring produce in all its glory. The peas are smashed with fresh mint, rice vinegar, diced chiles and lemon before being topped with homemade pickled radishes.

17. Elote Bruschetta

If chips and salsa are getting stale at your weekly Taco Tuesday dinner, look no further than this corn-kissed alternative. The bread is spread with lime-cotija mayonnaise before being topped with charred corn.

18. Bruschetta Baked Brie

This isn't just a wheel of Brie baked to gooey perfection and topped with tomato bruschetta. The cheese is baked *inside* a hulled-out loaf of sourdough bread (!!!).

19. Zucchini And Ricotta Salata Bruschetta

Sprinkling the zucchini with salt ahead of assembling is key. They contain a ton of water, so sweating them in a colander to drain will keep the crostini from losing its crunch later on.

20. Beet Bruschetta With Goat Cheese

Good things come to those who wait, including this spring appetizer. The garlicky beets take about an hour to turn fork tender, but your patience will most definitely be rewarded.

21. Brunch Bruschetta Bar

So many of the components can be made ahead, like the sun-dried tomato muhammara, basil pesto or marinated cherry tomatoes. On the big day, just lay out all the toppings, spreads and cheeses so your guests can assemble their own crostini.

22. Bruschetta Tart With Whipped Goat Cheese

We never thought we'd say this, but you won't even miss the bread—promise. Bookmark it now to serve at Mother's Day brunch later.


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22 Easy (but Fancy) Bruschetta Recipe Ideas to Try at Home (24)

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22 Easy (but Fancy) Bruschetta Recipe Ideas to Try at Home (2024)


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